This short film is about the filmmaker’s marriage, the part that is the struggle for government recognition and the part that is about loving intimacy. Only 6 minutes long, it features thousands of images of their joined life, snapshots, wedding photos, documents and paperwork, all frenetically flashing up on screen, like a strobing fast-forward effect. Breaking through this wall of never-ending documentation and justification, is a rotoscoped animation of him and his husband immersing themselves in water, their gestures gentle, loving, and intimate.

Mikveh is a ritual bathing done by brides-to-be. It is cleansing and purifying. The husbands’ bathing is similar, providing breaks from the helter-skelter stress of the bureaucratic merry-go-round that seems set on doubting and invalidating their relationship. They float, freed from the weight of having to prove anything. The reality of their love self-evident. And these intermissions are restorative, grounding, and bring peace.