Really liked it. It has more of an arthouse feel than Hereditary, and its pacing is slower and more soporific. I can understand why some audiences wouldn’t be expecting that, and wanted more action, but I really dug it.

It’s been most frequently compared to the Wicker Man, but I think that’s mostly because it’s the most well known folk horror. I actually found it closer to Get Out, with an outsider coming into a seemingly welcoming community, done with a lot of humour as well as horror. The main character Dani, is twice an outsider, as she arrives with a group who don’t even want her.

This is kind of more a character journey, as Dani eventually lets go of her extremely shitty boyfriend, while the cult horror plays out the traumas of needing to belong, the need to feel wanted, and the lengths people will go to, and sacrifice, to have that.

FYI, this movie is trauma right out the gate, so be prepared early.