A black and white Polish film about nuns. It’s about a novice, who finds out before she takes her vows that she is ethnically Jewish, and that her parents were killed in the Holocaust. She goes on a roadtrip with her only surviving relative, a lush partygirl aunt, to find her parents’ remains and decide who she is.

A Thousand Times Goodnight

The first scenes are so beautiful the rest of the film couldn’t help but be a let down. It was actually a bit hokey, despite excellent performances from Juliet Binoche and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (that’s Jaime Lannister to you and me). It’s about a photojournalist trying to get a good work-life balance, which is actually incredibly boring compared to the questions of culpability thrown up in the first scene.

A Hijacking

A tense psychological pressure cooker of a film that deals with horrifying truth that if you’re ever boarded by Somali pirates, your fate will be in the hands of a contract-negotiating, penny-pinching, pencil-necked businessman in a suit that costs more than your car, who has to answer to a board for how much he has spent on saving your life.

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