What to see between GFFs

Photo credit: Scottish Queer International Film Festival Facebook

Glasgow has a ton of film festivals to keep you going between GFFs. This is a non-comprehensive list of what is happening across the year:


Cage-a-rama – Nicolas Cage Film Festival – https://matchboxcineclub.com/cagearama/


Femspectives – Glasgow Feminist Film Festival – https://femspectives.com/

Glasgow Short Film Festival – https://glasgowshort.org/

Glitch – Queer People of Colour Film Festival- https://www.facebook.com/GlitchFilmFestival/

Oska Bright Film Festival in Scotland – https://oskabright.org/

Sonica – Audio Sonic Arts Festical – https://sonic-a.co.uk/


IberoDocs – Ibero-American Documentary Film Festival Scotland – https://www.iberodocs.org/


Italian Film Festival across Scotland – https://www.italianfilmfestival.org.uk/

Queer Classics Film Festival – https://www.facebook.com/queerclassics/

Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival – https://www.mhfestival.com/

UK Asian Film Festival in Scotland – https://www.tonguesonfire.com/


KeanuCon – Keanu Reeves Film Festival – https://matchboxcineclub.com/keanucon/

Sheffield DocFest in Scotland – https://sheffdocfest.com/


Edinburgh International Film Festival across Scotland – https://www.edfilmfest.org.uk/

Govanhill Film Festival – https://www.govanhillbaths.com/festival-film

Sundance Film Festival: London Tour in Scotland – https://www.picturehouses.com/sundance


Encounters Film Festival in Scotland – https://www.encounters.film/

Glasgow Youth Film Festival – https://glasgowfilm.org/what-we-do/festivals/glasgow-youth-film-festival

Take One Action Film Festival – https://www.takeoneaction.org.uk/

Weird Weekend – Cult Film Festival – https://matchboxcineclub.com/weird-weekend/


Africa in Motion Film Festival – https://www.africa-in-motion.org.uk/

BFI London Film Festival in Scotland – https://www.bfi.org.uk/london-film-festival

Document Film Festival – http://www.documentfilmfestival.org/

Scotland Loves Anime – https://www.lovesanimation.com/

Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF) – http://www.sqiff.org/

Taiwan Film Festival across Scotland – https://taiwanfilmfestival.org.uk/


Catalan Film Festival – https://cinemaattic.com/

French Film Festival in Scotland – http://frenchfilmfestival.org.uk/

Havana Glasgow Film Festival – https://hgfilmfest.com/

London Korean Film Festival – https://www.koreanfilm.co.uk/

Play Poland Film Festival – http://www.playpoland.org.uk/

UK Green Film Festival in Scotland – https://www.ukgreenfilmfestival.org/

UK Jewish Film Festival in Scotland – https://ukjewishfilm.org/scotland/