Evil Dead inspired Japanese short horror film. A bunch of pals go to check in on their friend who seems to be going full hikikomori. When they get there, the windows are covered with newspaper, the place stinks, there’s goo on the carpet, and bags of garbage everywhere. Because it isn’t Scotland, where the immediate reaction would be, “Your place is bowfin’. Get off your arse and gie the place a wipe.”, they instead sit patiently waiting for a cup of tea.

But alas, they are not the only visitors to the home, and while it might have been easy to enter, leaving might prove more challenging. Fun classic style horror with its own touch of weird.

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The Nicky Nack

The Nicky Nack nails its colours to the mast as English folk horror by opening in the quintessential British pub replete with toby jugs and hanging baskets. There our hero throws back a few, and like Tam O’Shanter, prepares to make the long and lonesome journey home through the black night. Doing the starboard-side shuffle of the absolutely stotious, he makes his way down the lane, when he hears a furtive whisper, “Nicky-Nack!” Who or what is following him? Excellent short horror, both thumbs up!

Such Small Hands

Even the title gives you the wiggins. Such Small Hands is a horror short focusing on a newcomer to a orphanage who struggles to break into the collective. When they pull apart her doll, she institutes a secret nighttime game, where one girl at random will be picked to be ‘the doll’ and the rest will dress her up and tell her their secrets. An ominous sense of foreboding pervades the film, and you never feel sure when and where the lightning will strike.

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The Dinner After

The Dinner After is a horror short film about a lassie going for her weekly tea with her mum and dad. Their abject cheerfulness bounces off her hesitancy in what you could at first put down to the normal tension of adult children visiting their parents. However it soon proves that more is going on, as Angela’s sister Lauren is noticeably absent, and although it goes unmentioned, their father is constantly calling Angela by her name. What follows is a film with genuine scares, moments of “GAH!”, as well as a heartfelt portrait of trauma.

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There’s nothing as dirty as money, as folk say. A waitress with a phobia about coins is really in the wrong job, in this German short horror film. The sound and music build to a crescendo as she starts to crack up with a customer who insists on paying in a slew of shrapnel. The physical manifestation of anxiety develops into body horror, as we see through her eyes this living nightmare.