GFF21 is over!

A mere 4 days after it officially concluded. Well, that was some year. 63 features and 4 shorts, that’s a record total for me. And as a proportion of all the films shown at the festival, it’s probably the highest I will ever get at 91%.

I mostly stuck to my schedule, but I was running late every day, which is probably why I finished late. Turns out it wasn’t any help with more regular eating and sleeping. I still mostly existed on cold sandwiches, and my sleeping was even more all over the place because there was no fixed times for me to sleep and wake. Still, loved every minute of it.

I thought I might feel as bit, you know, disappointed because we weren’t all together at the cinema with the same atmosphere, but in fact it was surprisingly well done, and the movies so well curated, I feel like I got 90% of the experience of a normal festival. All the wee Q&As, the introductions, the daily rundown on what was being shown each day, it did make you feel like you still getting that connection with the festival folk.

Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Off now to sleep for a week.

Audience Award pick

For the first time ever, I’ve watched all the Audience Award movies! My pick would be Jumbo, but I’ll be happy if any of them win so long as it’s not Shorta or Redemption of a Rogue.

First week of the festival down

Hard to believe that’s the first week of the festival over. I have to say, it is very different from the usual experience. I mean, not the movies, the movies are great. But that weird sense of timelessness that the pandemic brought has been doubled-down on as I just go from film to film in my own bed. Then I roll over and sleep, and is it a nap? Am I gonna be out for 8 hours? Who knows? Since day and night have no meaning anymore, it’s hard to delineate one day from the next. And I seem to always be running behind the schedule I made for myself. Still, enjoying it enormously.