Criatura is the kind of short film you should feel, rather than figure out. Intense orchestral music, vivid colour, and shots evoking disjointed memory or dream, combine to give a sense of a character’s inner journey.

It opens with the narrator saying that a monster entered her, created a void within her, and thus “you were torn from my body”. The ‘you’ the narrator is talking about is open for discussion. Is it a part of the main character’s self? As the visuals show two women meeting, and falling in love, are they referring to their lover as the other half of their soul?

The mixed images add to that state of confusion, as the couple seem to break up, perhaps because the main character cannot tell if she is trying to interact with another person or a projection of her fractured self. The imagery and music seem to reach for a healing of one’s self after division being experienced both within and without.

An interesting sensory journey.

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