Oh, that was so good!

Sublet is about middle-aged, fastidious travel writer Michael who sublets an apartment in Tel Aviv from Tomer, 20-something hipster. It’s basically an Air BnB meet-cute.

This film is basically an ode to inter-generational friendship. Tomer wakes Michael up to the world around him, giving him healing and hope, and Michael makes Tomer consider things a little more deeply, feel things a little more sincerely. It’s just beautiful. It takes place over 5 days, and it’s a love story, just the love of friendship.

Michael is married, monogamous, and still recovering from the loss of a pregnancy. Tomer is supping from the bi banquet of life, ordering guys off Grindr. They’re in completely different places in their life, and completely different people, but they have an affinity for one another.

My favourite scene in this was Tomer taking Michael to see his friend Daria’s dance production with her Palestinian lover, who she has a very intense on-again-off-again relationship. Pure Pina Bausch Tanztheater. Like fucking with your clothes on. And barely that.

Speaking of fucking, my other favourite scenes are any scene where Tomer gets his kit off. The sexy scenes are hawt. And the guy who plays Tomer – delicious.

I liked seeing hipsters portrayed positively, creative and passionate, appreciative of overlooked or forgotten things, even if there still is gentle humour about their foibles. And I like seeing queer inter-generational interaction portrayed positively, instead of focusing on ideological rifts.

A warm and lovely film about the healing effects of the love of friendship.