Half A Life

Using animation and archival footage, Half A Life is a short film in which a gay Egyptian guy discusses what instigated him to get into activism and what he thinks about his country.

After witnessing a homophobic attack, with the collusion of the police, the main character takes the shame and helplessness he feels and becomes involved in queer activism. This involved spreading slogans on bank notes, and trying to raise people’s awareness of human rights issues.

When the revolution comes, he is out on the streets, and he gets a wider education in politics. But as things sink back into a new normal, is there a place for him in Egypt? Will he have to decide between his home and his sexuality? The sense of danger is always there, and the possibility of seeking asylum abroad is a long-thought over option.

But for now, he is ready to try to heal the rift, and use his voice to make Egypt a better place, one where he and all Egyptian people can feel safe and hopeful.

Beautifully animated, vulnerable and honest.

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