A few days before Issa is about to be released from prison, a new fish appears, Gaetan. This short film encapsulates a world of drama. You can see a history stretching behind and a future ahead, and these scenes as the turning point between it all.

To begin, prison is the place where Issa has nothing and can’t wait to leave. Being gay, he is ostracised. Violence and intimidation, even sexual, is the only interaction you see him have with other prisoners. He keeps his head down and learns the skills needed to make a living on the outside.

That changes when Gaetan arrives. He is kind and curious, and senses a kindred spirit in Issa. They cautiously circle each other, each waiting for the other to open up.

As Issa’s deadline approaches, he begins to really take stock of what he has out there versus what he has in here. Great wee film.