A beautiful documentary combining archival interviews with members of Outer Hebrides fishing communities, set to footage of their modern day descendants, and woven through it just the most haunting score. People tell stories of their memories of childhood, of characters they knew, of the coming and going of change in their world.

They talk about the old style of fishing, with sail and oar, no navigational devices, just a knowledge of their fishing grounds that was thorough and expert. They tell these tales over footage of modern boats heading out to sea with their engines and mechanical winches, filled with wifi and CCTV and every other kind of technology for scouting the presence of fish. But still, here are the people of the same communities making the same kind of living as generations before. They still make their own creel by hand. The more things have changed, the more they have stayed the same.

People tell of fishermen’s superstitions, sightings of mermaids, kelpies and fairies. The intricate weaving of the mystical with the mundane, the witchcraft with the weather.

As the score echoes the crash and hush of the ebbing and flowing ocean, and the sound of long memories recalled. Just a beautiful film.