There is a plague which causes people to have spontaneous amnesia, forgetting all of their previous life and identity. Those whose identity is lost, and who have no relatives to claim them, are entered into a rehabilitation programme, giving them daily tasks to undertake to give them an idea of what they might like and help share in culturally universal experiences, like riding a bike or going to a fancy dress party.

Apples has the tone of something like Lobster, where there is a flatness and frankness to the characters as they try to interact with no frame of reference or emotional baggage. It’s fun to watch adults react to stuff like little kids, getting a fright at their first car alarm and running away. Simple touches like not knowing how to dance to music or dress so you don’t look like your cats are deid. The busker playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, because he’s clearly having to relearn how to play the guitar.

It also is reminiscent of things like The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, as it kinda looks at how integral memory is to identity, and if the loss of that narrative can provide new avenues for forging a new personality. Is it worth trying to remember, or building anew?

Quietly cute and weird little movie.

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