Love Sarah

Thought I’d start the day with a bit of fluff with Love Sarah. My biggest concern going in was that it would be too saccharin.

It was awful. Just awful. Was ready for walking out a few minutes in. Picked it because it had a good cast with Celia Imrie and Bill Paterson, but the majority of the screentime goes to the rest of the cast who sound they’re giving their first read-through at community drama class. Because the actors don’t convey any emotion, it’s left to the score to fill in the blanks, which comes off as overdone.

The script is cringey, and I at several points closed my eyes so as to get some respite from the film, only to once again regret that we don’t have sphinters in our ears to allow us to block out sound.

The basic plot is that Sarah is going to open a bakery, when she dies suddenly. Her mother, daughter, friend and ex band together to open the bakery in honour of her memory. I don’t mind a bit of mushy fluff from time to time, but this was both just really bad on every metric and just achingly white middle-class in that Richard Curtis way. When it’s first proposed that they open a bakery without Sarah, they lament aloud, “But where will we find a Michelin star chef to make the cakes?!” Fuck all these people.

As the bakery struggles, Celia Imrie’s character has a thought, “What if we make cakes for more than just white people?” and they thrive by making ethnic food for their diverse range of neighbours. Isn’t London wonderful, with all these delicious foods from all these exotic cultures being brought here to decorate our lives? The film is really white gaze-y, which they try to mitigate by having biracial actress Shelley Conn in one of the leading roles.

All in all, it sucked. So hard.