I’d never seen Spookies. A brilliant/awful sub-classic 80s horror that sits on the weirdness scale somewhere between Phantasm and Troll 2. Watching this will remind you just how accurate Garth Merenghi really is.

Spookies starts with two cars, one of cool kids, one of squares, getting lost and deciding to party in an old abandoned mansion. The leader of the cool kids is Duke, an Italian-American stereotype who drives a car with the vanity plate Psycho, and who dresses in a bunch of taped-together bin bags with a zip diagonally across the chest, like some kinda sash. His girlfriend is Linda with da big tiddies. They are accompanied with their comic-relief pal who has his own handpuppet he talks to. The main guy from the car full of squares is an actor who is clearly about 20 years older than the rest of the cast, yet is passed off as another teenager.

Together they face a cat-man with vampire teeth and a hook for a hand, dirt monsters that make fart noises, a Fiji mermaid Boglin, a geisha spider, the literal Grim Reaper and a bunch of zombies for good measure.

Mad as fuck.