Out Stealing Horses

Out Stealing Horses is just beautiful. Stellan Scarsgard plays an old man remembering a summer of his youth, where he developed a crush on his father’s mistress, as her family imploded. It’s a coming-of-age story, but through the melancholy gaze of age. The whole tone is of an old man’s whispers into the black night.

This film is music. And I don’t just mean the score – which is incredible – but this film communicates by weaving a textured soundscape which speaks when the characters cannot. The boy is spending a summer in 1948 at his father’s cabin, felling trees, and is surrounded by the sound of the nearly wild countryside. And because everyone is an insular Scandinavian in the reserved 1940s, what has to speak for the emotional drama is the cut of the saw, the peeling of bark, the spearing of lumber, the clatter of logs into the river. It becomes the melody of the heart of the main character.

A movie that really invites you into the experience, recommend!