Body of Water

Tonight on a very special episode of Body of Water . . .

Body of Water is a film about a woman leaving recovery for anorexia and trying to re-establish her relationships with her mother and daughter. She does this by ignoring all her daughter’s boundaries and trying resume the relationship on her terms and on her timetable, which unsurprisingly doesn’t work well as a plan. Her mother is initially more receptive but becomes gradually more frustrated when she sees signs of backsliding.

My problem with Body of Water is, despite its commendable attempt, it is ham-fisted, obvious, and lacks emotional reality. The dialogue verges on cringy, being very on-the-nose. The characters seems like sacks into which issues are stuffed so we can hit on as many at once – drug use, sexting, self-harm. It comes off as clumsy and reduces the characters to two-dimensional puppets for the director to speak through.

What I will say in its favour though, is the main actress does a great job at showing her uncomfortable imprisonment inside her own body.

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