The Party’s Just Beginning

A movie about a woman struggling to cope after losing her friend to suicide. This film is positively seething with grief. It’s raw and brutal. It also manages to be blackly comic in a very Scottish way. I really liked it.

There are bits I was a bit hm on. At one point I did think, “Jesus, seems like nearly everyone she bumps into is thinking about offing themselves.” And then I thought about my own experience, and was like, yeah, that probably is about right. While suicide is billed as being rare, it and its close calls aren’t really. I stay in Glasgow, the suicide capital of Scotland.

There are other bits that I also wavered on. There is a scene towards the end with heavily implied sexual violence, which the film does do the right thing of stating outrightly as rape. Still, I could have done without it.

There is also a character who presents as a gay man for the majority of the film, then latterly comes out as a trans woman. The actor is a cis man and I couldn’t help but think, “Here we go again.” I grant that there are certain restrictions with making a low-budget movie with your mates that big-budget Hollywood movies have no excuse for, but it seemed like another example of a trans part going to a cis actor.

Other than that though, I thought it was excellent. Really moving and also funny and also hard to watch. A tricky thing to get right, but it worked.