Thunder Road

Thunder Road is amazing! Funniest movie of the festival so far. Really, bleakly dark humour. It follows Jim, a buttoned-down, dorky, Texan, beat cop as he has the worst week of his life. If you ever wondered what it’d be like if a stereotypical, yes-sir, thank ya-ma’am, policeman took a total nervous breakdown, the answer is it’s hilarious.

It starts with him giving the eulogy at his mother’s funeral. For anyone who’s seen the BoJack Horseman eulogy episode, it’s like that, but worse and ending with a dance number.

And the main guy, the actor who plays the lead, just has such perfect timing, like absolutely nails it. Almost none of the humour in the movie is in actual jokes with a setup and punchline. It’s all the character’s manner of speech and the absurdity of watching him try to maintain a veneer of calm politeness as he rapidly spirals out of control. And it has to be delivered so exactly, it’s just done beautifully.

And it hits all the dramatic moments as well, the reality of the loss and anger and terrible loneliness and regret is so real. The humour is there but doesn’t try to detract from the poignancy of the moment. Really this is one to go see. It’s not a laugh a minute like some constantly turning barrel of one-liners, but a real heartfelt drama with causticly black humour about the misfortunes of life and the flaws in our character.