Beautiful short film Baba is about a queer Libyan who has set their dreams on asylum in the UK, and a life in Manchester’s Canal Street. The night before his interview at the British embassy, he must sneak back into his family home to recover his passport. But events unfold that rock his certain plans.

Entranced by the comparative freedom for queer people in the UK, he bleaches his hair to be ‘like Boris’, paints Union Jacks on his nails, and goes by the name Britannia. He’s met with nothing but rejection by his family and his country in Libya. Living on streets of Tripoli, or more accurately the tunnels under the streets, in hiding beneath the city, nothing could seem more obvious that to apply for asylum in Britain.

However, he needs his passport for the interview at the embassy, and that is in his old family home, a place he has been banished from. With the assistance of his sisters, a couple of queer women he lives with in the tunnels, he makes his way in the dead of night to break in and retrieve the passport. But not everything goes to plan, and he comes face to face with the ghosts of his past.

Really heartrending wee film.