Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes is like a noir crime drama meets a cat-and-mouse heist thriller, neither of which it does satisfaction. The thriller element never really has a high-octane action set piece to get excited about, and the bluesy noir style seems superficial without the developed characterisation to give it any emotional weight. They hamper each other in fact, as the moody tone only serves to slow the pacing down, and make the whole film ponderous.

Set in Rome, it has a basic plot about a bank robber who escapes by motorcycle. A French police chief is brought in to find the culprit. That’s it. Which is why it feels like it drags even though it’s only an hour and a half.

There is a definite focus on style over substance, and it is arguably over-stylised. Some scenes reminded me of stuff from the early 2000s, and not in a good way.

At the end of the day, it just feels empty.