Fart Car

When I saw the title, I never expected a short film so touching and poignant. The filmmaker blends humour and grief, romance and despair, to give this tale of a young guy going through the ordinary highs and lows of growing up, while also contending with the loss of his father. This film is about recovery, about how grief is a long process, finding new ways to reappear as time goes on. It is not a straight line from sad to happy, but a lifelong journey living with your loss, with many cycles of better and worse. And the message of the film is not be afraid of that, to not feel as though you are defeated by it, but see it as part of the natural ups and downs of life. Your grief walks with you, its presence is there where the absence is filled, and should be embraced as the shape of your love for your lost one.

For something that can be silly and funny, the film is really heartfelt and tender.

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