Beautiful animated short film based on a Scots Gaelic folktale. A hunter sets out to kill a monstrous loch creature, but is transformed into a black dog. With the aid of a selkie, they set out on a journey to break the curse.

Gorgeous visual style, with really textured paper animation, and an absolutely beautiful score. Loved the use of silhouette – the majority of the film is in monochrome. In the same manner as folktales, in reduces things down to their essentials, yet at the same time builds a world that is resplendent and wonderous.

The hunter tries to slay the loch monster, but despite being beheaded, it does not die. Instead it curses the hunter to become a black dog. A selkie takes pity on it, and tells it how to break the curse, by going to an island in the centre of the loch, there to find a white deer, white bird, white fish, and white egg. In chasing after all these things on the island, the hunter is taken through the marvels of nature, the intricate and interconnected worlds of every ecosystem, sees life from the perspectives of those who live in other forms. While there are many lessons you could take away from the tale, one is that a good hunter must have a reverent appreciation and respect for all life.

Just a beautiful short film.