A mother takes her daughter camping in an attempt to reconnect in this short film. There’s clearly a history here, as the daughter is furious to the point of tears, and lashes out with an unkind comment. On the other hand, the mother seems to be trying to force some connection without regard for her daughter’s raw emotional state, or any willingness to address the underlying issues. Her daughter feels like she’s being used as a prop in this piece of performative parenting, just decoration in this picture of what her mother thinks happy families do, going camping like something she saw in magazine somewhere.

You see an unhealthy dynamic play out, because when the mother attempts to fulfil that parental role she meets with hostility and resentment, no doubt for having abandoned it or being absent from it in a manner that is not being openly acknowledged. However, when the rejection makes her withdraw from that parental role, and appear helpless, her daughter feels guilty and takes on the caring role between the two. It seems the roles are reversed, and as much they both might want that to change, they are both perpetuating the cycle by not acknowledging the trauma that is driving it.

A somber wee film.

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