No Somos Nada

No Somos Nada is a documentary following the punk band La Polla Records on their farewell tour.

Gonna show my ignorance here, but I didn’t know much about La Polla Records before this film. They are huge in the punk scene throughout the Spanish speaking world. Formed in 1979, they are still going strong 40 years later. Their songs are basically fuck fascism, fuck capitalism, fuck the state, fuck the church. So, immediately likeable.

For me, what was funny was seeing how they came from this sleepy little village nestled in the Basque Country. A less likely place you cannot imagine. It looks the picture of rural idyll. But as Evaristo, the band frontman, points out, you don’t need to live in a city to know how people are fucked over every day. Fair enough.

He cuts an eccentric figure, a dozen piercings in each ear, covered neck to toe in tattoos, wandering around the countryside with a rambling stick. A born contrarian, he rants jovially and constantly about the absurd nature of the world, always with a gleam of mischief in his eye. Even now at 60, he seems full of restless energy, pulling him out on daily walks across the hills and fields.

In contrast bassist Abel just looks like any bloke you might see in a village pub, a guy who might be able to fix your motor for you. The film covers the band’s formation, sketches the lives of its current and previous members, and the overall philosophy of their music. Combined with that, it shows scenes from their world tour, fans going wild for their biggest hits, and the band giving it their all.

Enough to make anyone a La Polla Records fan.