Isabel’s Independence

I love Isabel. She’s awesome.

After the 2008 crash, Isabel’s business in Spain went bankrupt. Although married to a husband who was still working, Isabel was determined to regain her financial independence, and set off for, of all places, Edinburgh. There she takes any work going, cleaning and, during the Covid pandemic, making deliveries.

Isabel is a tour de force. Her personality is bombastic. She is unapologetically herself. I loved it. Goan yersel hen!

You don’t see a lot of Spanish Scots in the media, and it’s kinda a punchline of, who the fuck would move from somewhere so warm and bright to come here? But Isabel loves the shifting tones even in a grey sky. She loves being busy, keeping working, keeping on her feet, and Edinburgh always has something happening. Her husband comments that she seems to have really found herself here. And in weird complement to that, when watching this, despite Isabel’s struggle with the language, she seems really Scottish. Being here suits her and she suits being here.

I even loved watching her crack up during lockdown. Like all of us, she went a little stir crazy, obsessively watching the news in her housecoat, playing games on the computer, and drinking some Tennent’s out in the garden when the sun came out. Before long, she couldn’t bare to sit still, and was up working as a delivery driver.

Great to see representation of parts of Scottish society that go unsung and underappreciated, Spanish Scots, older women, and non-fluent migrants. Isabel is all and she is amazing!