Will My Parents Come To See Me

Will My Parents Come To See Me is about a young man going through his last 24 hours in the prison system.

Farah is an inmate in Somali jail. A police officer arrives to walk him through his final day. She is an older woman, whose face has a calm and steady countenance that belies a sense of determined weariness. Farah is a scrawny teenager, barely a man. He looks to be all of 18 or 19. His eyes are set back in his face, his neck is long with a jutting throat, he looks like a baby bird, rather than hardened criminal. Next to his escort, he looks like a son with his mother.

As the story unfolds, you realise Farah is here for terrorism, a crime you can’t really square with his gentle demeanour and frail frame. To be honest, he seems a bit slow. But then you realise, that’s exactly who these bastards recruit, young boys, lost kids, those who can be convinced to do their bidding without question. You see Farah pray, and you think, he’s heard people promise he will go to heaven, and he’s heard people promise he will go to hell, he is probably wondering which ones were right. You just look at him, and despite everything, you just think 19 is not enough time to earn a place in hell. How can you fuck up your life so badly in such a small space of time?

This doesn’t just feel like Farah’s last day. Despite having almost no lines, the police officer’s silent presence conveys a wealth of strain. While ostensibly appearing unmoved by the process, you get the sense that this is a final day for her too, that this is the last time she can do this.

Powerful short film.