Naughty Spot

In short film Naughty Spot, Brazilian 30-something Tonio arrives in Corsica. He goes on the usual hookup app, but finds no one here shows their face. He contacts a man going by the handle The Oracle, who shows him the real Corsica for queer men, in the cruising spots by day and night.

This is a film about sex, yes, but also belonging, safety, differences in generations and culture, and change, or lack of change, in society. Tonio is used to the freedom found in big cities, back in Brazil or even in mainland France. But Corsica is not that. It is an island, with a population of only 300, 000 people. Here, cruising is still the way you build trust in your encounters. Offline, no digital record, face to face.

Tonio grows to appreciate this older way of making sexual connections, as he has also experienced the downside of hookup apps, the bodyshaming, the racism. As the Oracle speaks, the beauty of Corsica opens up to him, and why, despite the fewer freedoms, you would stay in this beautiful place.

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