I Gotta Look Good For The Apocalypse

I Gotta Look Good For The Apocalypse is an animated short film, mixing painted real world scenes contrasted with the CGI of video games. Lockdown provides all these spookily absent landscapes, while we fill our social needs through gaming.

Where the painted scenes of the real world are still, soft focus, silent, empty of human manipulation, the online world is bright, crisp, loud, action-packed and solely centred on the will of human actors. While real life gets all too real, with arguments, loneliness, and malaise, the online world is ridiculous, full of extravagant wish fulfillment, venting of aggression in shoot-em-ups, and pairing through dating cartoonish avatars. The unrealness of lockdown is made doubly unreal by our disappearance into CGI fantasy.

Really good wee film conveying how bizarre lockdown really was.