Good Day For The Bad Guys

Good Day For The Bad Guys is a short film about an insufferable and tyrannical actor in a pantomime. Filled to the brim with that Scottish black humour, it’s written and directed by Peter Mullan, a man I only associate with films that are bleak as fuck, a man who would read Dostoyevsky for the lols.

In Good Day For The Bad Guys, Mullan plays John, as ground down, washed up, alcoholic actor. He plays The Big Bad Wolf in a low-budget Christmas panto rendition of Red Riding Hood. The bane of the cast’s lives is the actor playing the hero, Wee Jockie. An evil gnome of a man, he delights in humiliating other actors, while revelling in the applause of the audience. The film follows as John is pushed to breaking point, between the constant abuse from Jockie, and the constant boos on stage.

Grim, funny, bleak, and brutal. Merry Christmas.