Displaced is a short film about two ping-pong coaches who try to keep the sport alive in post-war Kosovo. Ermegan Kazazi and Jeton Mazreku effectively play themselves, depicting their real life struggles only a few years past. The result is a blend of drama and documentary.

As Kosovo struggles to rebuild, its people struggle to rebuild too. Ermegan and Jeton are trying to get the sport of ping-pong back on its feet. The only thing they still have is their table, but no dedicated practice space. Thus they are reduced to training in the back of garages, school halls, and empty wedding venues. They pack their table onto the back of tractors in order to make it to training spaces, being towed in the bitter snow with their only equipment.

Some people are heartened and impressed with their efforts, the wedding venue owner offering up his space with the deepest respect. Others are simply incredulous, especially since one of them left a cushy life in Germany to come back home to Kosovo.

When people talk about the dream of sporting success, it’s usually of Olympics and medals. But this is another kind of dream, of carrying the flame through the darkest times, keeping it lit to guide the younger generation, to give them hope of some future that isn’t war.

Surprisingly effecting for a film about ping-pong.

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