A surrealist experimental animation about a woman’s relationship with her boobs. In the short film, boobs are detachable, transferable, photocopyable. They grow on trees and are sold in shops.

The film runs through the lifecycle of breasts, as the filmmaker has experienced them. They start as balled up pieces of paper, which unfurl on her chest into black-and-white cut-outs of adult breasts. She feels embarrassment about them, jumping out the window when a sound startles her in the shower. She has envy for others, swapping boobs with another woman in the street to try them out.

As she starts to become aware of their use in attracting a partner, we see her taking the boob off and using it as bait. Mermen and reverse mermen appear, attracted by the boobs.

Later, we see her slicing off her boob to be squeezed like a lemon for its juice. The milk that appears is fed to her kid. Her torso becomes a fridge full of milk.

Finally we see a crab, the symbol for cancer, crawl over her in her sleep, and her breasts fall off and run away. As she chases them through the streets, two gaping holes in her chest, she eventually falls in despair and exhaustion. An ambulance appears, and its occupants sew a new set of black-and-white cut-out boobs onto her torso.

The final shot is of her daughter seeing her in the shower, her newly stitched breasts on show, and she smiles. The ambivalence which she once had for them now resolved.

Visually interesting, very identifiable.