GFF22 is done!

Oh my god, I am so tired.

I beat my personal best, seeing 64 films and 2 shorts. This is what a press pass gets you.

I decided to change things up this year, and instead of ending the festival ill, started it ill. A totally foul cold that got me sent home from work and made me lose my voice. Spent the first days of the festival getting the GFT bar staff to make me hot toddies. Drank 2 bottles of Buttercup cough syrup. Ate 4 packets of Lockets.

It also didn’t help I got no sleep. I must have been too wired for the festival coz I had 4 hours sleep for the 3 nights running up to it, and continued to get between 4-6 hours each night, as I tried to post up reviews last thing, before rising for my first film in the morning.

Worth it though. Such a good festival. Such great movies.

Just wish I wasn’t allergic to caffeine. This would be so much easier on caffeine.

The Hermit of Treig won the Audience Award, which I am delighted with. Director Lizzie McKenzie seems a real sweetheart.

And we already have the dates for next year’s festival – 1st to the 12th March 2023. It’ll be round sooner than you know it.

I’m away to sleep for 24 hours.