Some Like It Rare

Fucking hilarious!

Went to see this with my diehard vegan sister and we both laughed all the way through. It’s about a couple who run a butcher shop, who take to killing and selling the flesh of vegans.

I think what made this work so well was the core characters and their relationship. The plot has obvious comedy value, but it wouldn’t stretch over a movie’s run time if it weren’t for the sparky central couple.

Vincent had a real passion for his work as a butcher, and took real pride in it. As the movement towards a plant-based diet has caused sales to drop, he has become despondent, lacklustre and impotent. The business is failing and his marriage is failing.

Sophie is sick of being sex-starved and broke. She splits her time between envying her god-awful friends, and sitting up at night, binging serial killer documentaries. I massively identified with the way she can bring up any killer’s name and stats in any random conversation. I do this constantly, as do many of my podcast-addicted female friends.

One day, into their stagnation, comes an attack on the shop by vegan activists. Vincent pursues them and fights one in the street. It’s the first rush of fire in him in a long time, and Sophie is eager to encourage it, despite its violent expression. A chance encounter means Vincent spots the activist on his bike while he and Sophie are driving, and on impulse he hits the guy. When Sophie find out he is dead, she’s almost pleased to finally be able to put all her true crime knowledge to good use. Soon they have the body dismembered, and the meat is being sold off slice by slice.

As daft as this sounds, cannibal serial killers selling human meat out a butchers is a thing. What Vincent and Sophie don’t expect is for it to be so delicious. Soon the whole town is at their door, paying hand over first for the new flavour “pork”. A few more days like that and the butcher’s shop will be out the red. Plus, with the killing and cannibalisation, Vincent seems to be getting back his joie de vivre.

Can you save a business and a marriage by killing your enemies? Apparently so.

I was a bit worried before I saw this, that it might just be the same one joke that’s told about vegans over and over, which is, “Christ, they’re annoying”. But this is a comedy horror splatstick first and foremost, with a bickering problem couple at its heart, and playing off the vegan stereotype in such a over-the-top and ludicrous way that it just gets funnier and more preposterous.

Thoroughly enjoyed. Carnist comedy at its finest.

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