Time of Impatience

Time of Impatience is about twin brothers who want to swim in the pool belonging to a gated community.

It’s a long hot summer in Turkey, and brothers Mirza and Mirhat are Kurds living in a working-class neighbourhood, who can see, so close and yet so far, the relief of a luxury pool behind the walls of a rich, redeveloped, private housing estate. They scrawl up slogans asking why only the rich and white can swim there.

Their nemesis is Zeke, the janny tasked with keeping the riff-raff out. Every day Mirza and Mirhat go to bam him up, asking him questions, making jokes at his expense and generally goading him. He chases them off but they always return.

The film follows them trying a number of schemes to get into the gated community to swim in the pool. After each disappointment, they sit around sulking and talking about the unfairness of life.

With Time of Impatience, I think something was lost in translation a bit with a lot of the dialogue. It’s meant to be funny, but it’s not really. I also wasn’t a fan of the pacing. I found it too baggy. There was too much air between events. It drained the film of any momentum.