Let The Wrong One In

Comedy horror about a vampire infestation of Dublin. A hen night from hell is on the rampage, and Deco, a drunken junkie is trying to get back in the house now that he’s starting to sizzle in the sunlight for some reason.

Matt is easily manipulated by his older brother, Deco, and guilted into letting him back in the family home without their mother knowing. Never a good idea, but this time is especially bad, because it looks like Deco is a vampire. Matt tries to help Deco adjust to his new condition, keep him from his craving for blood, and protect him from trainspotter-turned vampire hunter Henry. Henry is wonderfully played by Anthony Head, aka Giles from Buffy, aka Repo Man, aka all round nice guy from the internet.

A big silly, fun adventure, with excellent death effects.

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