A short film about survival. A lassie runs and fights for her life in what seems to be a never-ending competitive gauntlet.

The director introduced this by saying the original idea was “What if the chicken fight from Family Guy was serious?” As silly as that sounds, this short film actually works. Which is almost against the odds, because there’s no dialogue, no speech beyond an automated computer announcement, and it’s basically just a chase scene followed by a fight scene. That’s action-packed but you’d think it wouldn’t really hold together as a story.

But you’d be wrong. It’s actually really well done. I had a clear idea of who the main character was, what she wanted, the situation she found herself in. Like, yes it’s mostly a fight scene, but the story of what’s going on is told through it. Given that there’s only two actors in this, both have to be commended. Things could have been very different if they hadn’t been top of their game.

Simple, straightforward, clear, but also action-packed, energetic and exciting. Good stuff.

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