Angry Young Men

Ok, so Angry Young Men was made for, like, £2.50. It’s actually 5 grand, but that’s the same thing by film budget standards. So you’ve got to bear that in mind going into it. This is a micro-budget operation made by a first time filmmaker, basically with his pals. So some stuff will be ropey as fuck.

That being said, it’s awright. It’s a comedy about two young teams squaring off. It’s not going for a real and gritty drama about the mean streets. It’s more about the absurd and achingly parochial nature of it all. The idea of your life’s work to be king of three streets.

The Campbell Group look to move in on the long-held territory of the Bramble Boys. The Bramble Boys set themselves up as a protection racket many years ago, but are effectively collecting money in order to act as the patrol to break up every rowdy teenage fight and retrieve every lost wheelie bin. Some of the original members are beginning to age out, thinking about leaving their shitehole town, or focusing on starting a family. Will the Campbell Group invasion bring them closer together, or break them apart?

Props to the filmmaker for getting this made.