I picked this film to see because the synopsis described it as The Parent Trap directed by David Lynch. Man, is that right on the money.

A very Twin Peaks feel. Set in 1987, it’s one of the few films I’ve actually looked up to check wasn’t a new release of a restored film from the time, so realistic is it. There’s a sparsity to how it’s filled. Many scenes have no score, and the rooms of the house where most of the film is set are painted bright, block colours, with little furniture. If the scene only requires a table and two chairs, then the room only has a table and two chairs. It leaves the film feeling bald, but in a good way. Stripped of anything unnecessary to allow all focus on the character interaction.

It stars Alessandra and Ani Mesa as Marian and Vivian, twin sisters whose lives have went in very different directions. Vivian has settled down to suburban life in her hometown and married just the biggest dork. When the film starts, she hasn’t seen Marian for 6 years.

Marian tells her sister a rosy version of the truth about her life. She’s in a band, she goes on tour, she isn’t tied down. What she leaves out is that she had an abusive boyfriend, who successfully kept her isolated and terrified, and whom she mowed down in her car as she literally ran for her life.

Hiding out at Vivian’s seems like a safe option, and the majority of the film is this really enjoyable journey as they reconnect. Vivian’s insufferable dweeb of a husband insists Marian get a job to pay her own way if she’s to be a longterm house guest. But Marian hates it, and Vivian switches places with her, happy to let Marian take her daily chores to get out of the house. Vivian ends up smoking dope with the local teenagers while working at the ice cream shack and actually starts enjoying her life again.

This switching back and forth is fun, and the twins bond over their secret game. But the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads is Marian’s violent ex. Did he survive being struck by the car? And if so, is he looking for Marian for revenge?

Cool movie.