The Girl and the Spider

What the fuck was that?

I mean, I don’t know what they were even going for here. The plot is vaguely this: Lisa is moving out the flat she shares with her pals. A couple of other things are going on, Lisa’s maw has the hots for one of the movers, there’s a lot of shagging going on, their neighbours run in and out. But nothing is really happening here. Which would be fine if there was something else to hold your interest. But it’s just folk shuffling about, punctuated by these long, boring, pointless monologues, which if you were to do in real life would get you chased for kak patter. I mean, the synopsis describes it as “tragicomic” and an “emotional roller-coaster”, and it’s like, what film were you watching? Maybe there is something lost in translation, but that was as boring as actually moving flat.