Love, Life and Goldfish

So much fun, full of silliness and whimsy!

Love, Life and Goldfish is a musical about an uptight banker who is sent to work in a small town in the middle of nowhere where everyone is obsessed with goldfish. Scooping goldfish is a Japanese children’s game, something like hooking ducks at the shows is here. In this carefree little town, it’s the number one pastime, with grown men playing it on work’s nights out, and competing against one another.

Makoto is this buttoned-down bank clerk who is dedicated to his work, suppressing all his emotions. That hasn’t been working out too well for him lately, as he’s started to mumble his thoughts aloud, his feelings spilling out him when he least expects it. He messes up when he does this in front of his boss, and for his rudeness is exiled from Tokyo and its world of high-powered banking, to this small town in the sticks. His only goal is to rededicate himself to his work and redeem himself. That is until he sets eyes on Yoshino.

The beautiful proprietor of the local goldfish scooping establishment, Yoshino is a shy and innocent soul. She plays piano beautifully, but only when no one is around. Makoto falls head over heels for her, but is at a loss as to what to do with his feelings.

Luckily he is helped along by townsfolk who befriend him, almost against his will. First is a dreamy wanderer who drives a truck with a tank of live goldfish in it. Second is the lassie who returned home to run the family pub after failing to make it as an actress in Tokyo. Together they teach him a little about opening up and letting go.

The music is great, the singing is ace, and the whole thing is just so much fun. Really cheerful, upbeat, whimsical musical, a remedy for our times. Will definitely put a smile on your face.