The Gravedigger’s Wife

A simple and straightforward story. Guled is a gravedigger, his wife Nasra needs an operation to remove her kidney or she’ll die, he tries to raise the money for the operation. Beautifully shot, eschewing artifice for directness.

Other people might have made this film as a tragic story, about poverty and preventable illness in the oft-repeated depictions of Africa. But this isn’t that. Yes there is hardship and difficulties to overcome, but fundamentally this is a love story. It is about having someone who you would do anything for, and who would do anything for you.

Guled fell in love with Nasra at first sight, but she was from another village and her father had promised her to another man. They eloped, and to save face both their families disowned them. Now Guled must face his family’s wrath to plead for money.

Beautifully made, and by sticking to the essentials, keeps the focus on the the relationship between the two main characters, with you hoping against hope that love conquers all.

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