The Blind Man Who Did Not Want To See Titanic

The Blind Man Who Did Not Want To See Titanic is bloody brilliant!

The main character is Jaakko, a guy who is blind and paralysed from the chest down, so the film is shot from his perspective. But how do you make a film, a visual medium, from the perspective of someone who is blind? While Jaakko is in focus, capturing his every expression and reaction, the rest of the shot is kept out of focus. Yes, the audience can still tell if he’s in his flat, or outside, but so can Jaakko from the sound cues, and those become really important. For anyone worried this might be a ‘gimmick’, it’s surprising how quickly you adjust to it, and it feels completely unobtrusive the entire film.

In fact, it forces you as an audience to have to do what Jaakko does, listen, pay attention, search for clues as to your surroundings. Another reason you should take the chance to see this in the cinema, getting that full 3D sound. It really adds tension to situations you wouldn’t normally think were stressful. Like being alone in a busy train station, suddenly you are surrounded by multiple unknown factors, some coming directly towards you, and you have no idea their nature or intention, as sounds overlap and become difficult to distinguish.

In the film, Jaakko is in love with Sirpa, a lassie he met online. She has cancer and both of them are more or less confined to their homes, unless a helper can take them out. Sirpa and Jaakko talk every day, from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. And Jaakko’s actually a great laugh, you get why she fell for him. He’s a bit of a cheeky wideo with a love for pre-90s John Carpenter films, and Stephen King adaptations. Someone who I would definitely have matched with on Tinder. Their relationship feels real, like a daily cohabiting couple, who just happen to live a town apart.

When Sirpa gets some bad news, Jaakko decides to go to her. This involves taking a taxi, a train ride, and a taxi – simple! Except it’s not so simple in a wheelchair while blind. For Jaakko this is a huge adventure, fought with perils, one in which he’ll have to rely on his wits to make it safe to the woman he loves.

Just so good.