Love Is Just A Death Away

A beautiful little animated short about a wee grub finding another like itself to love and grow.

The film manages to be surprisingly beautiful despite being quite gross, and surprisingly tender despite being quite morbid. The grub inhabits the corpse of a decaying dog, like some kind of Pickle Rick. He lives in a garbage dump, and tries to make friends with the other animals there, a junkyard dog, an injured bird, a scavenging rat. Alas, they are either scared off or killed by his touch. Inhabiting a rotting corpse has its downsides.

The wee grub gazes up at an eclipse of moths, dancing together against the pinks and blues of the beautiful sky. His loneliness and yearning is palpable.

Things go from bad to worse, as the corpse deteriorates into a skeleton, leaving the grub vulnerable to the dangers of the garbage dump. Just when all hope looks lost, the injured bird returns, now dead but animated by a grub of its own. Together they make a connection, join, and grow into the magnificent moths they were destined to become.

Really sweet.