Welcome to the Ball

Welcome to the Ball is a beautiful short film about a kid, Sean, who is not concerned about gender norms, who makes friends with a young deaf kid. A totally joyful wee film about making a connection.

The film starts with Sean delivering bed sheet dress realness and voguing in front of their teddy bears. Sean is played by child star drag queen Lactatia, from Drag Kids, so you know she’s delivering the goods. After dinner with their supportive and friendly butch mum, Sean stays up learning sign language online.

The next morning Sean approaches another kid playing with a Barbie. Slowly, Sean introduces themselves in ASL. The kid says their name is Noah, and when Sean invites them to come play back at their house, Noah jumps at the chance. There, they play dress up, with Sean putting lipstick on Noah. Without music, they start to dance, whirling around together and laughing.

As the film closes, the perspective switches to Noah. In the silence of their world, as they spin around in the colour and joy of Sean’s room, all you can hear is the sound of their heart beat. And as they gaze at Sean, you hear their heart beat quicken, with that first gentle childhood connection.

Great wee film.

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