A Safe Place While It’s Raining

A Safe Place While It’s Raining is a short film encompassing a conversation between a brother and sister.

It’s clear the talk takes place after the loss of their last parent. They discuss their mother’s illness and how they coped. It has the air of exhaustion, like a quiet and intimate time after the rigours of the most intense and public parts of grief. I imagine the sister climbing under the covers of her mother’s bed at the end of a very long funeral tea, and her brother coming to find her after the final guests are gone.

Underneath what they are saying seems to be a tentativeness, like they are checking with each other, after this devastating loss, that they are still a family. The brother’s tone is slightly coaxing, slightly comforting, but the biggest kindness is that neither one asks the other to leave the canopy of their mother’s blanket.

As the rain starts to fall outside, the sound is muffled behind the glass, beneath the bedding, to the point where even it can sound comforting.