I Burn Easily

I Burn Easily is a feminist revenge story, told in 5 episodes that form a short film. It is about 3 friends who take a body positive topless selfie, only to have it be appropriated by a misogynistic website that displays it for online hate and pornography. The friends then decide how to handle to situation.

I Burn Easily is a lot of things. In horror, you get the rape-revenge subgenre, and this is it on a smaller scale in an online setting. It’s also a social commentary about women’s bodies being inherently politicised, and subject to violence. It’s also an experimental art piece, using filters and emojis to create an integrated online/offline sense of experience. It also features confessional-style videos, talking about love, or its lack, or its idea.

I found it interesting and ambitious. I liked the clear narrative still existing within an otherwise quite experimental and freeform film. It focuses on the online environment in which women find connection and solidarity, as well as violence and hatred. So by taking the situation in their own hands in I Burn Easily, the women are taking back their online space.

Really interesting short film.