Under The Sky

An elderly Polish man feels the ebbing of memory in Under The Sky, but two things remain, his love of his wife and his love of flying.

A retired fighter pilot, he still stares out the window as planes pass across the sky. He still remembers the aircraft he flew and how to get prepped in his flight uniform, but he has forgotten his teammates and other officers. He struggles to answer his wife’s crossword puzzle clues, but he fiddles with the plane magnets on the fridge.

This film is bittersweet with the fog of old age, which is able can cloud everything for this man but the two great passions of his life. His eyes search for planes in the sky, and his hand always reaches for his wife. He holds her hand as they watch tv, and sitting with her at the breakfast table, and looking at old home movies. What memories might have slipped from him, he holds onto her, precious and constant.

Tender little film.

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