A Starry Sky Above The Roman Ghetto

A Starry Sky Above The Roman Ghetto is a teen drama following Sofia, who decides to track down a mysterious girl whose photo she finds in a suitcase. This leads her to make a play based on the story she uncovers, uniting the Christian and Jewish kids of Rome in its production.

She finds a letter in a second-hand suitcase in the loft, along with the photo of a young girl. The letter tells the girl, Sarah Cohen, that she is loved, and to take the love which has been given her on her journey to her new life. It turns out Sarah Cohen was a young Jewish girl saved by nuns, one of whom in particular had a deep affection for her and loved her like a daughter. But an unethical prioress effectively sold her after the war, baptising her and putting her up for adoption with Christian parents.

Sofia sets herself to tracking down Sarah Cohen to give her the lost letter with the help of her friends from her own and the Jewish school. They are all creative types so they set out to turn the story into a play, so its lessons from the past can be heard.

To be honest, the kids are a little too enthusiastic about the play, defying their parents and the wishes of the local Jewish community by staging an inter-faith production. Which, on one hand it’s good to show the next generation throwing off the divisions of the past, and on the other, it’s like hey, maybe respect people’s traumas. They’re all super excited, composing music and sorting out costumes, and it’s like, calm down Dawson’s Creek, this isn’t an episode of Glee, folk are deid. It does stray more than a little into cheesy, but in pursuit of a good cause.

A hopeful story about finding ways to cross divides and heal old wounds.