God, this made me wanna learn how to play the piano.

My dad used to say, when you see someone play an instrument, it’s like they can make magic in their hands. It’s very true, and it never seems to get old.

Tuning is the kind of documentary I love, one that invites you sit, stay, and watch for while. Look out at the world there is around you. It is 50 minutes focused on the piano in Central Station in Tel Aviv.

You know the piano under the big clock in Central Station here in Glasgow? It’s like that. And sitting and watching it for an hour, you get to see all the life of the city go past. The older lady who comes over to sing to the young guy’s tune. The lovers who can barely get through the song without snogging. The workie putting up signs before opening, who sits down and belts out this amazing piece. Just incredible.

But fuck, there’s a lot of soldiers kicking about. It makes you realise, that must just be normal there, for every third person to be in uniform. No one bats a eyelid, but I’d find that really alarming, all these folk cutting about in khaki, their cudgel and their bunnet stuck under their shoulder strap.

And the music is so great. Classics known the world over, ragtime, rap, recognisable chart hits, and Israeli songs I was less familiar with. Some of the songs are so moving and so well performed. It’s amazing the level of talent that just passes by you on a daily basis.

After the past year, with all the madness, treat yourself to 50 minutes to sit down and simply see the world. It’s lovely.