Re-cycle is a Polish short animated film about a man in a post-apocalyptic world of darkness and howling wind, who cycles relentlessly on his bike to charge up what little power he can to run the radio playing his dead wife’s voice singing. Grim as fuck.

With no dialogue, it manages to tell a full story in 6 minutes. The man is a champion cyclist, his wife was an opera singer. Whatever has happened to the world has resulted in tumultuous wind, and her room, with her posters still on the walls, has blown open in a scene of destruction.

What once was a city now lies in ruins, as the man plunges over again into his task, to power the generator for some brief moments of relief, the bright light in his kitchen, to boil the kettle for a morning coffee, and to hear his wife’s voice singing. This desperate need to retrieve the past consumes all his present in a world with no future.